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NEW GIF's : United States Lines bicentennial trailer.

NEW GIF's : On Bicentennial page - Southern Pacific SD40 in 1984 Olympics paint. Union Pacific SD70ACe on Class One page, and Diner added to structures page.

NEW GIF's?? : On Bicentennial page - Union Pacific SD70ACe, Burlington Northern SD60M and caboose.

NEW GIF's : Penn College Police Ford, Williamsport Police Ford, and Old Lycoming VFD ambulance.

NEW GIF's : Toledo, Peoria, and Western bicentennial GP30, Apache bicentennial H10-44, and Milwaukee Road bicentennial SD40-2.

NEW GIF's : ALL BICENTENNIAL GIF's: Apache RS32, Avondale Shipyard S12, Bangor and Aroostook GP7, Boston and Maine SW1 and NW2, Central Vermont GP9, Delaware and Hudson U23B, Detroit and Mackinac C420, Long Island GP38-2, Naval Weapons System S12, Preamble Express / Delaware and Hudson U23B, and United States Air Force S12.

NEW GIF's : Burlington Northern bicentennial SDP40, Hillsdale County NW2, East Erie Commercial bicentennial caboose, Houston Belt Terminal bicentennial SW9, MKT bicentennial caboose, NYSW bicetennial RS1, Weyerhauser bicentennial GP7, Southern Pacific bicentennial U25B, and Westinghouse bicentennial SW9m.

NEW GIF's : Santa Fe Lebo, Kansas Bicentennial-painted station, Chicago and Northwestern Bicentennial MOW crane #X1776, Preamble Express Observation car #4, and bicentennial Long Island MP54A.

NEW GIF's : Chicago and Northwestern Bicentennial GP18, Penn Central Bicentennial Crane Idler, Penn Central Bicentennial MOW Gondola, Conrail Bicentenial Coach, Conrail Bicentennial Baggage Car, and Chicago Transit Authority Bicentennial Subway.

NEW GIF's : Alaska Bicentennial FP7A, American Freedom Train Flat Car, Western Pacific Bicentennial GP40 #1976, Union Pacific / Preamble Express E9A, Deleware and Hudson Bicentennial RS3m, Indiana Harbor Belt bicentennial SW1200, Norfolk and Western bicentennial SD45 high nose, Southern Pacific bicentennial GP40 P-2, 3 American Freedom Train / Reading 4-8-4 #1, American Freedom Train tender, 3 Pittsburgh Port Authority PCC's, Erie Lackawanna bicentennial SD45, Texas and Pacific / AFT 2-10-4 #610, AFT Crew Car for #4449, AFT Entrance Car, Frisco bicentennial caboose, Southern Pacific bicentennial caboose, and 1947-1949 Freedom Train PA-1.

NEW GIF's: HLCX SD40-2 Snoot, HLCX SD40T-2, GM DD35B Demo, GM GP35 Demo, Canadian National SD40T-3 (Ex-DMIR), Norfolk Southern SD70M-2, Alaska bicentennial caboose, and Belt Railway of Chicago bicentennial SW1500.

NEW GIF's: Chessie System SD50, Morristown and Erie / Maine Eastern F40PH, and Morristown and Erie RS11.  NEW PAGE: Great Lakes Railroad (Fictional) and 4 new GIF's.  NOTE: 2 Australian Railroad Group iron ore hoppers added to GWI-ARG page.  These were drawn by James Solakidis.

NEW GIF's: 2 Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP40's, Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP38, Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP38-2, Buffalo and Pittsburgh Caboose, 3 FCCM Boxcars, 3 CSX SD80MAC's, Conrail Quality SD80MAC, and FNM GP38-2.

NEW GIF's: Port Terminal Railroad MK1500D, CEFX GP15D, CEFX GP20D, Northern Pennslyvania GP15D, BNSF MK1200G, Union Pacific MK1200G, FCCM Boxcar, MCVX Boxcar, Kennecott Utah Copper GP39-2 #399, and Willamette and Pacific Caboose #2.

NEW GIF's: Louisiana and Delta Caboose / Business Car #1, Portland and Western Caboose #4, Willamette and Pacific Cabooses #1, 3, and 6, and Willamette and Pacific SD7 and GP9.  NEW PAGES: Ferrocarrlies Chiapas Mayab GIF's and Fordyce and Princeton Railroad GIF's.

NEW GIF's: Illinois and Midland Remote Controlled Caboose, Illinois and Midland SD45, Louisiana and Delta Ballast Car, LDRR Sugarcane Flatcar, Southern Pacific Ballast Car, 2 Quebec-Gatineau Boxcars, St. Lawrence and Atlantic SW1, Southern Pacific SD45, Willamette and Pacific GP39-2, 2 York Railway Company GP16's, 2 York Railway Company CF7's, 2 York Railway Company GP9.  NEW PAGE: York Railway Comp any GIF's.  NOTE: One new Huron Central SD45-2 large-scale GIF by Jerry Laboda added to GWI Index page as well as updated Buffalo and Pittsburgh SD45-2.

NEW GIF's: Amtrak FL9, 2 Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad GP10's, CIRR SW1500, Federal Railroad Administration T2000 test car, Kennecott Utah Copper GP39-2, Morristown and Erie FL9, Metro North Commuter FL9, New Haven FL9, 2 Peoria and Pekin Union GP35R's, Virginia Railway Express Commuter Car, and Willamette and Pacific GP9.  UPDATED GIF's: MBTA F40PH and PPU SW7.  NEW PAGES: Illinois and Midland GIF's and Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad GIF's.  NOTE: The Shortlines page has been split into two pages: A through M and N through Z.

NEW GIF: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi CF7 and GP28, Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP9, B&P SD45, Rochester and Southern GP40, R&S GP9-3, and Peoria and Pekin Union SW7.  NEW PAGE: ALM GIF's.  UPDATED GIF's: Huron Central GP40-2L(W) with new trucks.

NEW GIF's: Southern Pacific woodchip car and 4 Willamette and Pacific woodchip cars.

NEW GIF's: Auto Train U36B, Auto Train baggage car, 6 different numbered Kennecott Utah Copper GP39-2's with heightened cab, Allegheny and Eastern bulkhead flatcar, 3 Buffalo and Pittsburgh boxcars, Buffalo and Pittsburgh NW2, Pittsburg and Shawmut coal hopper, and Norfolk Southern SD80MAC in horsehead paint.

NEW GIF's: Ontario Northland caboose, 2 Ontario Northland coaches, Ontario Northland boxcar, Ontario Northland gondola, US Army troop kitchen car, US Army/Pullman troop sleeper, Algoma Central steam generator car, 2 Portland and Western GP39-2, Commonwealth Railway CF7, RailLink SW900, and RailLink 45ton.

NEW GIF's: New Jersey Transit U34CH, Erie Lackawanna U34CH, Conrail Bicentennial U34CH, Ontario Northland FP7A-CAT, Ontario Northland HEP B Unit, CSX MOW GP38, St. Lawrence and Atlantic GP40, St. Lawrence and Atlantic GP9, St. Lawrence and Atlantic Boxcar, Genesee and Wyoming Industries SW1200, RailLink SW1200, 2 RailLin k SW900, and RailLink GP16.  UPDATED GIF's: Ontario Northland GP9.  NEW PAGES: RailLink GIF's, Corpus Christi Terminal GIF's, Carolina Coastal GIF's, Golden Isles Terminal GIF's.

NEW GIF's: Genesee and Wyoming Remote Controlled Caboose, Illinois and Midland Remote Controlled Caboose, Montreal, Maine, & Atlantic Remote Controlled Caboose, Genesee and Wyoming SW1001, Savannah Port Terminal GP7, Ontario Northland SD75M, and Ontario Northland GP9.  NEW PAGE: Portland and Western and Willamette and Pacific GIF's and Savannah Port Terminal GIF's.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  NEW GIF's: Ontario Northland GP38-2, 2 Ontario Northland SD40-2's, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador Roadrailer, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador Coach, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador Baggage / Generator car, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador C40-8M, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador Baggage car, 2 Quebec, North Shore and Labrador GP9's, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador autorack,  and Southern Pacific Commuter Control Car.

NEW GIF's: 2 Allegheny and Eastern CF7's, 2 Amtrak F40PH's, 2 MBTA F40PH's, MBTA F40PHM-2C, Metro North F40PH, bicentennial Conrail GP38, bicentennial Grand Trunk Western GP38, Helm Leasing SD45, Wisconsin Central GP40, GO Transit F40PH, New Jersey Transit F40PH, Quebec, North Shore and Labrador Dash 9-44CW, QNS&L SD40-2, QNS&L RDC-1, QNS&L RDC-2, QNS&L powercar.

NEW GIF's: Virginia Rail Express F40PH, VIA Rail Canada F40PH-2, and Wisconsin Central SD45.  NEW PAGE: Genesee and Wyoming Industries roster and GIF's.

NEW GIF's: Southern Pacific 4-8-4 "Daylight" and American Freedom Train 4-8-4 "Daylight".  All American Freedom Train car paint updated. 

NEW GIF's: Pennsylvania DT66-2400, Central Railroad of New Jersey GP40P, Monongahela RF16A, and Canadian National / Illinois Central C40-8W; Huron Central, Quebce-Gatineau, and St. Lawrence and Atlantic RM-1 slug.  NEW PAGE: Northern Pennsylvania Railroad (Fictional) GIF's.

NEW GIF's: Norfolk Southern GP40X, St. Lawrence and Atlantic GP40X, and St. Lawrence and Atlantic GP40M-3.

NEW GIF's: HMHX bicentennial tank car and Pittsburgh and Lake Erie GP7.

NEW GIF's: New York Central E8A, 6 different Penn Central E8A's, Huron Central GP40-2L(W), Kansas City Southern GP40-2L(W), Erie Lackawanna Caboose, Kansas City Southern Caboose, 2 Delaware and Hudson GP39-2's, Reading GP39-2, ARMN/UP reefer, and Kansas City Southern hopper.

NEW GIF's: 2 RJ Corman SD40-2's (normal and snoot), RJ Corman GP9, RJ Corman GP16, 2 RJ Corman GP38 (high short nose and low short nose), CEFX Leasing AC4400CW, Kansas City Southern AC4400CW, 2 Kansas City Southern SD50's (gray paint and white paint), BNSF C855B, BNSF DD35A, BNSF DD35B, BNSF DD40AX,  BNSF GG1, 2 BNSF SD40-2 (low short nose and high short nose), Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern GP38-2M, and New Brunswick Southern GP38-2.    NOTE: All BNSF GIF's for today (with the exception of the SD40-2 low nose) are "What If..." GIF's.

NEW GIF's: BNSF AC4400CW, BNSF SD9-3, NS GP15-1, CR O.L. GP15-1, CRQ GP15-1,  CN E9A.  Australian Railroads and GIF Request pages finished and uploaded.

Site updated.  All pages except Australian Railroads, What's New, and Link Page are up and running.

Named changed from "Greg's Train GIF's" to "Train GIF Terminal", new logo also added.

Many new GIF's added daily.

"Greg's Train GIF's" uploaded online.
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