Shortline GIF's A Through M
Last Updated: August 3, 2004
Allegheny and Eastern CF7

Allegheny and Eastern CF7 with round cab

Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi CF7

Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi GP28

Buffalo and Pittsburgh NW2

Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP9

Buffalo and Pittsburgh SD45

Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP40

Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP40

Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP38

Buffalo and Pittsburgh GP38-2

Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad SW1500

Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad GP10

Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad GP10

Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend Little Joe

Commonwealth Railway CF7

Genesee and Wyoming SW1001

Genesee and Wyoming Industries SW1200

Gettysburg GP9m

Gettysburg RS36

Gettysburg Scenic F7A

Gettysburg and Northern GP10

Guilford Rail System GP9

Huron Central GP40-2L(W)

Housatonic GP35

Illinois and Midland SD18

Illinois and Midland SD20

Illinois and Midland RS1325

Illinois and Midland SD45-2

Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern GP38-2M

Kennecott Utah Copper GP39-2

Kennecott Utah Copper / RailLink GP39-2

Morristown and Erie FL9

Morristown and Erie / Boston and Albany FL9

Morristown and Erie RS11

Morristown and Erie / Maine Eastern F40PH
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