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Welcome to the fascinating world of Train Gifs.  These are very small files, usually in the hundreds of bytes rather than the thousands, so they load very rapidly.  Many of you will remember the superior TrainGifs Station that Chris Denbow had up and running for years.  For several reasons, he decided to continue the enjoyment of working with these gifs, but he's going to do so on a much reduced basis, and go without the headaches of being a Webmaster.  We feel it a great honor that Frograil has been chosen to be the new home for Chris's work.  While the pages will have the look and feel of the Frograil domain, all art work here is by Chris unless otherwise indicated.  Indeed, since the establishment of these pages, several fine artists have allowed Frograil to host or co-host their train gifs.  Permission to display these images has been obtained from the copyright holders.

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Copyright considerations:  You are authorized to download and use these images on your personal website -- indeed, you're encouraged to do so.  You are not authorized to download and use these images on any website or other medium that has any commercial content.  For example, if you have "Joe's Railfan Pages" without any advertisements, that's fine.  But when you place your first banner ad or other commercial content on your pages, you are no longer authorized to use these gifs without written permission from the originator of the gif.  Please send Frograil (via the e-Mail Tony button above) your copyright request, and I'll forward it to the appropriate individual.  [Note that Frograil is not the creator of any of these gifs, and cannot, therefore, directly extend copyright permission to use them for commercial purposes.]

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HISTORY:  For those interested, a brief history of railroad gifs on the Internet is here.

BIG TIME DISCLAIMERS, ALREADY:  Your wonderful Webmaster is not an artist -- none of these gifs are mine.  Frograil is a repository for railroad and train gifs.  In actual point of fact, when someone offers gifs to me for inclusion in Frograil, and when he/she says they are "original", I take them at their word.  If you feel a gif(s) listed within Frograil is(are) yours, don't be shy.  E-mail me and complain, and I'll deal with it.  There is no way for me to check the individual pedigree of each of the hundreds and hundreds of gifs within Frograil.  Also....

If you don't like the colors, or if the dimensions aren't to your liking, or if the lettering isn't as sharp as you'd like it to be, don't complain -- just don't download and use it.  These things are for fun.  I offer no assurances of prototype fidelity or wonderfulness:  I just display and enjoy them.